Teuve Headquarters

Refurbishment and rehabilitation of a set of four industrial warehouses and an attached and internally connected annex building, for the implantation of the new headquarters of TEUVE Factoría de Canales in the 22 @ District, Poble Nou.

The project has considered the various aspects of the programmatic needs of this technological company, respecting the primitive architectural concept of the industrial buildings known as “Ametller family buildings” and described in the “Industrial Heritage Catalog of Poble Nou” with a degree of protection “C”.

Maintenance of the crown and roofs, restoration of the facades of Calle Dr. Trueta, by recovering the original architectural holes, applying the traditional techniques of lime mortar and glazing with the yellow color, characteristic of the years of construction of the ships.
Location: Barcelona, España
Client: TEUVE Factoría de Canales 
Type: Office, Headquarters, Refurbishment
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