Structure and methodology

A fundamental part of our methodology is collaboration with our clients, effectively understanding their needs and priorities. In many occasions the client is defined as more than a single entity: property, user, public official, etc. Our system seeks to involve these groups in the design process, in which alternative solutions are considered and evaluated. This open source approach allows for wide discussion and participation.

We seek balance between all the conditions of the project and take advantage of the benefits of multidisciplinary thinking.

The aim of our work is to find the most suitable solution for each project. We think that the best design is achieved through analysis and the search for solutions with an open mind, without preconceptions or stylistic formulae.

The knowledge and multidisciplinary experience of all phases of organization, design, construction and commissioning of buildings, allows us to carry out our projects with greater solvency. Quality and rigor together with our attitude of learning and constant exploration are the common values of our entire team.

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